Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Stay Cool to Avoid Heat Rash

During hot summer days, a lot of people were not really fond of being outside in the hot humid, weather all day long, therefore, it is recommended for them to stay at least hydrated by drinking a lot of liquids, or stay inside an establishment with a full air conditioning blast was going on. Anyway, I vividly remember when I went home to the Philippines last 2012, I always have a full air conditioning on at the place where I stayed with my daughter. Because it's too hot and humid over there, I always looking for somewhere to keep me cool.

Therefore, I always go to the mall, if I can because it makes me feel comfortable as well as of my daughter to avoid heat rash. Heat rash is one of the developing skin problem, not only for babies but to adults as well due to the hot, humid weather. And to make it more comfortable, I think is to reduce the sweating as much as possible, stay in or spend as much time as possible in Cary air conditioning places as much as possible. Or dress in loose, lightweight clothing that wicks moisture away from your skin. If you're traveling, make sure to keep up the air condition inside your car and stay cool.


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Spring Semester Classes is Over!

To update you guys of my schooling, my adventure and beyond experiences. So far, going to school was such a great choice I had to experience so far, unfortunately, I have to give up some of the things I used to do before and one of these, were blogging. I miss it so much though and of course the idea of getting back from it is always on my mind.
Also, I can't wait for the school semester to get over soon, so I could able to write a blog again and of course, to make some moola. I hope there still some left for me. 

By the way, it was such a busy spring semester for me, we did a lot of homework from my oral communication class, that class was awesome, though! I've learned a lot. Though, I have to speak in front of the class almost every week due to speeches we have to do such as Introduction speech, then there's Informative speech, "How to" speech (descriptive speech), Impromptu speech, and Persuasive speech. It was fun class and I'm glad I survived the whole semester speaking in front of the whole class all the time. I wish I will get an A on this class. I'm crossing my finger here.

I still have one class left, my HIT (Health Information Technology class) one of my major classes. I'm almost there, for being an RHIT! LOL, no just kidding, still have lots of things to do before I could be one. It was fun class too. I have to study all the time on this, since we have quizzes every week. But it was fun. I can't wait for Fall classes for my HIT.  And tomorrow is actually the last day!

Finally it's the end of the week of schooling too. I'm so excited since I could finally enjoy summer with no homework tailing me around. Since I didn't register for summer classes, my next class will be this coming Fall, so it means I have almost three months to hibernate. So, as of now, I can't wait to get my HIT class to be over and totally free from stress and busy days ( LOL). Honestly, I know sometimes school is fun but stressful at the same time. I think I deserve some "kind of a vacation"! Don't you think?


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Storing A Gun In A Case

If you own a gun, then a gun case is something that should be considered. It can protect not only the gun but other members in the family. Most gun cases have locks on them so that no one can open them. You can also put your own lock on the case for added security. When you have the gun in the case, it can be stored in a cabinet or in an area of the home where no one can find it or know what it is by looking at the case.

 A gun case is also used to transfer your gun and ammunition to a shooting range or job that involves owning a firearm. Cases are made out of various materials. Companies have options to click here for detailed pictures of the inside of the cases as well as what they are made with. Most are made of a durable material such as aluminum. You should choose a case that has a seal to keep rain from getting to the inside if you take the case out in weather. Gel packs can be placed inside the case to keep moisture off the gun. This will help prevent rust.


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Smoke Free Travel

When people travels by car and smoke, they tend to accumulate second hand smoke and even the third hand smoke all by themselves, especially when traveling by car for hours and hours a day, it could be a possible for severe illnesses. But most people didn't care about it because they don't want to give up the habit of smoking. Even some people, though they stopped smoking due to the idea that they wanted to, but eventually they went back to smoking due to some personal reasons or it just it makes them feel relaxed and comforted.

So, why not get something lighter compare to the traditional smoking? When I say lighter, way acceptable. Somehow, electronic cigarettes may help people to eventually stop smoking. Well, no evidence that e-cigs can be a good alternative when it comes to smoking, but based on its features and characteristics, electronic cigarettes are way better than traditional cigarettes.


Well, first and foremost, E-cigarettes don't contain tobacco. Rather, it's battery operated to warm up nicotine which turns into a vapor smoke. Vapor has more advantages compare to a traditional cigarettes, because you as a smoker, will have choice, in regards of choosing cartridges containing nicotine in a range of strengths you preferred. Is it a healthier option, or a riskier choice? Well, we don't know, but all I know that e-cigs are smoke free which means no second nor third hand smoke (smoke in fabrics, clothing, etc) involved or no smoke for other people to inhale.

In fact, it's flameless which means if you were traveling while smoking, no worries of being burn or burn your clothes or car seats, well just in case, there are some sudden breaks ahead, you know what I mean. Accidents happened when you least expect it, you know.

Moreover, e-cigs are tar free which means no mess on your car and no cigarette butts everywhere either. Leaving your car clean and fresh. Nobody will ever noticed you smoke. I think people should choose this alternative. I've been to a car before and the owner smoked. Well, it's dirty and everything inside smells like smoke.

 So, next time you travel, make it smoke free and exciting! And no one will ever know... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Frigid Weather Hits Midwest!

Frigid weather temperature suddenly started to cover all over Midwest once again. And I started to suspect it since when we came home from our sweet escape last weekend, the snow blizzard came around us as we left Sandusky, Ohio. Luckily, it's getting better when we were outside the county and our way back to Michigan. Though, the road and weather kept changing during our travel but good thing, hubby were skilled driver and used to this kind of weather. We also met foggy weather along the way at that time and even snow showers on some parts of the area.

 And due to this bad single digit weather, we even saw minor accidents on the road. Just last Saturday, there are about three minor accidents. Then, I heard on the news last weekend that there about 30 including trucks and cars are into a sort of traffic accident due to the weather. And there was even fatal deaths has been reported. Yesterday, the temperature is 6F and now its 7F and eventually dropped to below zero and in to negative numbers. And this coming weekend, more snow even on its way...

This frigid weather is very unusual. For me, being here in US for almost nine years now. I never experienced such drastic change of weather temperature that somehow reached to below 0 Fahrenheit. It's somewhat new to me and unfortunately, I started having detestation towards winter.

It's been twice now since the school has started after the holiday vacation, that schools were also been canceled due to the frigid weather temperature. Yesterday and today, my son's school were canceled and so as my husband's school where he worked. Except to the school I attended. They always have school! Well, I think that's good for us, somehow.

Anyway, I hope this inclement weather, this wintry, very frigid temperature will end very soon. I'm done with it now. Please spring and summer, hurry up soon!


Sunday, January 26, 2014

Our Escape from the Winter!

Yesterday, my family went to a sweet escape getaway to Ohio for just over night stay at one of the Water park down there. It took us about almost 3 hours to get there, though we have couple stops due to kids doesn't have that enough patience to be in the car for more than an hour so, we have to make twice stops just for the ease on dealing crabby kids inside the car for the next couple hours.

Blizzard snow at Sandusky, OH at Jan 25, 2014
Then, the waiting and the long driving are finally over. We arrived at the place safe and sound, so we relaxed for a while, then went to the nearby restaurant to have some lunch. Then, after, we went to go on the water park to enjoy the rest of the day. We went there for a blogger event, so we had the opportunity to experience the water park for free. My kids had so much fun and so we are!

After, the day and night of being in Sandusky, Ohio, we went home at around 10 Saturday morning yesterday. The weather was bad though, it's been snowing so hard that day and very foggy as well. But, eventually we made it. The snow wasn't as bad as when we arrived in Monroe, Michigan. But, the traffic was crazy! Good thing, hubby was skillful when it comes to driving on the road, so we arrived home safe and sound at around 2:30 in the afternoon.

Sometimes, it is good to escape from this frigid weather for once in a while. Thanks to the indoor water parks because we still be able to enjoy swimming despite the cold weather.


Friday, January 17, 2014

Ambassadors: Who and What Are They?

Representatives and Ambassadors
There are a ton of idioms in the world built around the myriad of misunderstandings between cultures and groups. Some of the more recognizable ones include, “…walk a mile in my shoes…,” “…can’t judge a book by its cover…,” and “…each to his own…” These sayings have sprung from people not understanding different philosophies and customs of people they do not understand. To overcome mistaken beliefs and offer representation for the groups of people they symbolize, ambassadors are those people who act on behalf of their organizations or governments.

Organization Ambassadors
For example, when school children visit a site off school grounds they are prompted to be on their best behavior because they are ambassadors for their school. If one child is observed misbehaving, onlookers may jump to the conclusion that all children from that particular school do not have manners. This same principle is applied to other groups, as well. Missionaries are ambassadors for their religion and Boy or Girls Scouts are continuous ambassadors for their organizations. Whether logical or not, the behavior of one affects the reputation of all.

Government Ambassadors
More formally, worldwide an “Ambassador” is considered a renowned government figure. Ambassadors are carefully chosen by their governments to attend international meetings with the purpose to forge or maintain solid relationships with another country. Their main goal is positive foreign policy in the country where they are sent and every country around the world. The best interests of their country are of paramount concern. As the chief diplomat, ambassadors must be constantly vigilant to safeguard their country’s welfare and oversee other diplomats sent from their home country.

Foreign government ambassadors are assigned a particular country to live in for their specified term; therefore, ambassadors must have knowledge of their appointed country and the capability to adapt to a different culture. They live within an embassy which is usually located in the host country’s capital city. Embassies are responsible for major diplomatic issues and preserving the rights of their citizens living in the host country abroad.

Building Relationships for Understanding
To build relationships within the host country, an ambassador often works with native officials to establish philanthropic activities. For example, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has an embassy in the United States capital, Washington, D.C. The UAE ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba implemented a program named Oasis Foundation of Washington, D.C. The Oasis Foundation endorses cultural exchange, encourages literacy and inspires art education and learning.Diplomatic ties are strengthened and cultural differences are lessened when people work together toward a common goal.

Official duties of an ambassador include attending State dinners, negotiating treaties and arranging for visas of their own citizens to travel to the host country. They must be strong leaders, respected and executives capable of managing large staffs, budgets and a variety of activities. Ambassadors from around the world meet together for official business and for entertaining. Therefore, they must be flexible and have the ability to work with people from many backgrounds and cultures.


Sending Packages to Philippines

Despite my busy, hectic schedules this week due to home and school work, it never stopped me to put it on plan to send my family some package this year. This is one of the happiest things I love to do while being away from my family is to send my family some small things that they can enjoy like Balikbayan boxes (packages) that includes things that they love. I sent packages last year as well and it makes them really enjoyed it. So, I never get tired of it. If I have the money and the stuff, why not, right?

So, this time, I sent some Balikbayan boxes to my family again through UMAC. I never had any experience with this cargo express service yet, but hopefully, no problem in the future. I sent two boxes to my family this time and sooner by around March and April of this year they will receive it. I was supposed to send it last year before Christmas, but never had a chance to.

 Therefore, I'm so thankful, now I can able to! I can't wait for them to get it soon! I know time flies so quickly, so sooner or later, my family once again enjoyed some of the small gifts from me!


Saturday, January 11, 2014

One Best Way to Kill Boredom during Traveling

Do you know that the best way to kill a boredom is to learn how to play a guitar? Well, trust me, I've been there and done that! And my belief has been fully tested when my friends and I went to a remote area just for fun ( it happened way back in my home country). I didn't own a guitar then, but when we got there, we met some few brothers and sisters from our church, and fortunately, we were able to just enjoy the boredom of being away from the wonders of what city and modern technology can give for fun.

 Good thing, I knew some notes (thanks to my beloved sister in church who have earned some patients of teaching me on how to play it). And also my brother taught me some as well which I'm truly thankful for, since we were able to just enjoy our time there for almost three days. Until it is time to go back home, it was a relief.

Therefore, of you feel bored, nothing to do. I think learning to play guitar is another way for us to enjoy life and music at the same time. I met some people who they made music as part of their life after having problems and depression. So, I thought maybe someday, I will need this, so I check out some of the kremona guitars at Guitar Center and I really wanted to get one. They have one that is only $399 which is not bad I guess for a guitar instrument knowing this brand known to manufactured great, excellent quality guitars.

 Well, maybe someday as well, I could learn to play guitar again...I miss it though. It truly makes a difference especially when you travel at remote areas and no radio or TV available, or there's a blackout, a guitar is definitely a useful instrument during dull moments.


Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Frigid Weather in Michigan

Classes supposed to start last Monday, unfortunately, the weather is not as what everybody expected. It's been snowing hard which totaled the snow for up to 5 inches. Then, by Tuesday, the lowest weather temperature after 20 years happened again, in which the temperature dropped down to subzero.

Yesterday, the weather here in Michigan is frigid than ever, the temperature down to -14F, yet it feels like -35F or more to some areas which they called a Polar Vortex. My husband even have to go to work yesterday and when he came out and stay for only 2 minutes, he could feel his face frostbitten and the cold is really painful. The weather yesterday were very dangerous which enabled the schools to lock down and make June 8 to be no school again due to black ice as they called it which is very dangerous for commuters and drivers everywhere.

Tomorrow, June 9, the school will presume. My son school will too. That was a nice extra three days of no school. However, I really wanted to be back on track now since having no kids made our every day schedules crazy! I slept late at night and woke up late as well which I really didn't like because it makes me so lazy for the rest of the day!

 Well, so glad school is back tomorrow!


Agents on the Go?

If you are an agent or a realtor, you may need something that would multitask for you. When smart phones became famous due to its extraordinary features of multitasking, no wonder why, that a lot of web developer also introduces their unique ideas to bring out the best of what smart phones can bring. Like this new application where a realtor can able to manage his realtor checklists to easily manage your own real estates and to check what is needed to be done in a regular basis.

This is most reliable especially when you are a realtor agent who travels a lot as well. Then, you can manage your properties right at your phone. GoConnect is an app of where you can able to post a new listing, to see a list of your property that has been sold, a buyer contract and closing posts, an appointment and so much more.

So, check this app now and enjoy what you used to do while having everything manageable in your hands for good!


U.S Passport: A Must Have

Based on my own experience, if you became a national citizen of the country you were lived in, get a passport as soon as possible, because you may never know you might need it at least you have expected. When my father died last month, I was able to inquire about the ticket, I also got the bereavement discount which I think is very helpful for those who needed to travel for emergency.

Though, it was all have said and done, I forgot that I don't have a US passport. The only passport I have is the card which only allowable to travel in US borders, south America and the Caribbean countries. To travel across the world, I needed the US passport book. Unfortunately, I didn't bother to get one due to the fact that I already went home last January 2012 and basically no plans to go back home maybe a couple years from now. Until my dad's death brought to my attention of why I didn't get a book passport instead. I only get the card for identification purposes only.

To get a rush passport order also costs a lot of money. For rush order, delivery fee and government fee for passport, it will cost me to up to almost $500! It's very crazy eh? But, I didn't do it, though. It's too expensive. So, I think it wasn't meant to be, for me to go home and be at my dad's funeral and burial service.

Now, I wanted to get a US book passport just in case, I will need it. It's better to have it ready than be sorry again. So, if you have time and money, by the time you got your US citizenship certificate, get your US passport right away, as soon as possible! You will never know when you need it. No wonder why, they asked you to apply one after the oath taking. I should have known. Well, another lesson to be learned.


For Engineers who Travels the Most

Is your job required you to travel? If you are an engineer and required to travel a lot, then you might need to consider something useful. There are a lot of engineer jobs these days who chooses to travel, it's not only it pays more, but it is also something that will give them more freedom to express their desire to work at various areas and also to the type of work of where they needed. Many engineers are pretty well wedded to a particular location or plant, particularly those in a position of technical consulting or in a construction firms.

 In a construction firm, you might need a lot of things that required a thorough job outcomes. Some of these are alignment, to hold, or latch different parts of equipment together, then a high quality of spring loaded device is needed. A must have as well for any field of engineering jobs you might be in. The options for these components are many and varied. Therefore, in a work of work holding applications, as well as for indexing, latching, ejecting, and even electrical contact, then here it is, is what you were looking for. It's better to be ready than sorry!


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas 2013

Last month was the saddest month of my life. Though, it was my wedding anniversary, but it is also a month of when my dad passed away. The news came last month and it was devastating. Though, I already accepted the fact that my dad was gone but still the pain lingers. I don't know when it will heal, but I know it will be so soon. I wanted him to feel good about leaving us. So, I don't want to be in so much grieve that I knew my father won't want this. He was happy of where he was now and I knew in my heart he will go on as well. But, of course, I will missed my dad. I always miss him so much.

My father in law sang some Christmas songs

Despite the grievances I had, we were able to still celebrate Christmas and open gifts. We had a holiday dinner at my in laws. We went to my sister in law's house for dinner and we were there until almost midnight. We had fun and it was unforgettable. I miss those times when I was still in the Philippines, with my dad and mom, my brother, my sister, my family and friends.

 Had so much fun while singing at the living room and just sing songs....

My beloved hubby and dear daughter
Sister in law being silly! hahhaha!
Have a Merry Christmas everyone!


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tips for Long-awaited Holiday Vacation

Whether taking a trip to visit family or enjoying that long-awaited holiday vacation to the Caribbean, holiday travel can be stressful. There are a few easy-to-follow tips, however, that can make the trip less stressful and help travelers arrive at their destination calm, cool and collected.

Consider Mailing Gifts

Instead of packing gifts in carry-on or checked luggage, consider wrapping and mailing gifts to the destination ahead of time. If traveling by car, this will reduce the amount of space necessary in the storage areas and make packing or unpacking go much more quickly. Remember that packages should not be wrapped if they are traveling through TSA checkpoints, even in checked luggage, as the TSA officer may need to unwrap them to inspect them.

Pack Snacks

Whether traveling by plane, train or automobile, packing snacks, such as cheese sticks, carrots, celery, peanut butter and crackers is a good way to avoid cranky family members. Pack a small cooler with juice boxes and water bottles to avoid the cries of “I’m hungry” from the backseat. When flying, plan to arrive in time to grab something to eat at one of the airport lounges before boarding the plane to avoid those expensive airplane snacks.

Flexible Travel Times

If possible, travel on off-peak days, such as the holiday itself rather than the day before. Choose flights that are early in the day as these statistically are on-time more often than flights scheduled for later in the day. In addition, early morning lines are shorter at security than they are as the day progresses. Plan on sleeping on the plane or when you arrive at your destination if you are driving.

Have Backup Plans

Be prepared for the unexpected, such as weather delays or additional security requirements. When scheduling flights, be sure to leave plenty of time between connections to allow for delays. If driving, consider alternate routes that may be longer, but offer more scenery. If taking a long drive with children, look for attractions that will interest them as opposed to simply slipping into a fast food restaurant to grab food, visit the restroom and hop back on the road.

Use Travel Apps

There are many free travel apps available for Android, Smartphone and Blackberry users. Flight Status provides current updates regarding flight delays, baggage carousel numbers and other information, while GateGuru lets travelers know how much time to expect to spend in security lines. iFlyPro and Airport Transit Guide, as well as GateGuru, help users finid food vendors with the best prices, as well as shopping locations in airports for those forgotten items.

Earplugs and Eye Masks

To avoid the annoying baby crying across the aisle or to block the sound of the children’s movie from the backseat, pack earplugs and enjoy soothing music while traveling. For those who have difficulty sleeping in cars or planes, consider packing an eye mask as well as ear phones to limit the daylight that may keep someone awake. These tips can help make holiday travel less stressful and help travelers arrive at their holiday destination less stressed and ready to enjoy the events that lay before them. For more holiday travel tips, visit the Royal Holiday Facebook page.


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Last week, my family had a good time celebrating thanksgiving day with family. We had a blissful dinner at my sister in law's house and after, we had a good time chit chatting. It was just a usual family dinner for us, but to have it with family is extraordinary. It was special since we were all there to enjoy the holiday and be thankful of life.


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Learn to speak Portuguese so you can find all the best food and surfing spots

It’s a funny thing when you officially become a surfer for life. I don’t know when that is but if I had to guess it would be determined by how many minutes you spend online looking at pictures or video of amazing A-frame point breaks in South American countries. I myself have taken a dozen trips to both Central and South America to get my fix twice per year. Any more than twice per year and I think my fiancé would string me up, both for the money that I spend but also for the time spent away from work and “responsibility”.

 I have visited almost all of the countries that I want down there. I’ve officially marked off all of the spots in Central America and most of them in South America. Yes of course I want to return back down to many of the spots for a second go round, but I feel like I have one last country to surf up before I begin making the rounds to favorite spots again. And the one elusive spot is the country of Brazil.

Now mind you my Spanish is not great, it just isn’t but like it or not I am able to get around relatively well in Spanish speaking countries. I can order food like chicken, shrimp, rice, beans, water and most importantly, beer. But as far as my Portuguese goes it is virtually nonexistent. I can’t speak a word of it. So in a nutshell I need to learn to speak Portuguese and I need to learn it fast. Just between the food and the waves down there I’m sure I’ll figure it out sooner than later.


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Selfridge Family Appreciation Day

Last weekend, August 18, 2013, we went to a Family Fun Day which took place annually at Selfridge Air National Guard base on every month of August. It's an exclusive event for being held exclusively for active duty, reserve and National Guard military members, civilian base employees, and their families to enjoy outdoor events which also sponsored by the Macomb County Chambers.

When we went there, I was so surprised of this year's event. It's way better than two years ago where there's no lots of food available. Unlike now, I noticed that there are a lots of restaurants who have joined the event and offered free foods for everyone! Aside from food and drinks, there are also competitions, kid’s activities and live entertainment at Selfridge!

We had a chance to enjoy the event on free toys for our kids, free foods and drinks, kids had a chance to enjoy games and win prizes and ride on a train too! It was an awesome day and definitely an event to remember.

We had been joining the event since 2009 when my husband joined the Armed Forces. Now, we're looking forward for next year's Selfridge Family Appreciation Day event!


Shrek: The Musical

Two weeks ago, we went to see my nephew on his first ever acting show Shrek: The Musical. He played as Young Shrek and Puss 'n Boots characters. The play started last August 2nd, yet we choose to see it at the end of the week of August 11. Unfortunately, as we were getting so excited to watch the show, something came up suddenly. My nephew were having seizure before the show. Therefore, he needed to go to ER for evaluation what's going on.

Somehow, we chooses to stay and watch the show, though we're going to missed seeing him act. The characters that he played in, were played by some other kid. Were too sad because we never had a chance to see him acting. We should have gone on the first day of showing, instead. Oh well...

My nephew on one of the play schedules
On the other hand, it's a good news, he was fine on the same day. He was just admitted on the ER until the end of the day due to dehydration and panic attack. Well, we stayed up until the first break of the show. We didn't come back to finish it. Rather, we went to the park/playground nearby for our kids to play and just enjoy being outside on a warm weather.

 Fortunately, my sister in law will order the DVD copy of the show. I hope we can able to watch it soon, as my nephew acted in it excellently. I know he would be awesome actor. And I can't wait to finally watch him play!


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Check Out the Google Glass For Your Ears

What's the best item on my Christmas list this year? Well, it could be the smart headphone which they say would be totally amazing due to its features and social capacity to make most of what music can offer. Since during my spare time, I usually watched my favorite shows on my tablet and if not, listening to my favorite oldies is other thing I truly enjoyed doing. And with "Google Glass for Ears" it would make my entertainment getaway more enjoyable and satisfying! Knowing that while listening to my favorite music, I could also stay connected with my friends and family through Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks to the smart founder of this new headphones that not only let me to just listen to music but also to multitask. Muzik is the new brand name of the smart headphones you never find somewhere else which will be released in the fourth quarter of 2013 which sometime this coming October.

As a matter of fact, I heard new products that has been launched yet I never thought that they could do something more amazing with headphones. I heard headphones that can turn into speakers but a smart headphones that will let me add music or even smart enough to stop playing music when being taken off? What more could I ask for? Well, I can't wait to own one too very soon! This is something I'm sure I would need while listening to my favorite songs on Spotify and Rdio during a road trip. For only $299, I think it's all worth it!

Yes! another great gift to consider on your holiday wish list!