Monday, October 22, 2012

Rechargeable Batteries for Less

When I got an electric pepper grinder mill in the mail, I was so surprised of how many batteries I need just to use the pepper grinder. I need about eight AAA batteries. I was really so stunned that the small pepper grinder would need $8 AAA batteries just for it to work. So, I went to the store to buy some batteries, yet, I was in doubt.

For $9 disposable batteries for about 20 pieces sounds good to me but those are not the better ones, yet just the ordinary store brand batteries that surely would not last for about a month or so. I thought what other alternative I could get, so I thought of buying rechargeable batteries instead. I heard about maha powerex rechargeable batteries which for only $45, you can get $16, 4 battery holders and even a case strap. This is an amazing deal for rechargeable batteries. I would definitely have to get these batteries! This is absolutely a deal you can’t find anywhere!

So, if I were you, if you are looking for rechargeable batteries, then grab this deal! You don’t want to miss!