Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas Tree Is Up!

Christmas season has finally arrived and I’m somewhat excited about it. Decorating is one of my plans this holiday to do in our house but I was just thinking about just doing the tree this time.

Anyway, last two weeks ago, after Thanksgiving, my family went to Candy Cane Tree Farm to get a Christmas tree. Since I got an email from them that they were giving away free Christmas tree for troops and immediate families for the season. So we drove almost an hour and when we got there we got the tree right away. It was already been cut.

Well, it was our first real Christmas tree; I’ve never had a real one before so I’m kind an excited about it. I don’t which tree we got but it was not that nice though. The smell is gone already and it was too small for only 5ft. Maybe free ones aren’t really a good one eh? But, I’m not willing to pay $15 to $20 per feet for a real Christmas tree. It seemed so crazy for me, maybe when I have an extra cash to do so.

However, it was fun decorating the real Christmas tree though. I had a good time. I decided to buy some new ornaments and lights these time too which I decided to go with gold and red ornaments. It was pretty! I love it. I also bought a new star to go with it for the Christmas topper. It looks fine. Well, finally the Christmas tree is up! Now, it’s time to buy gifts and wrap them all up and placed them under the Christmas tree soon.