Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Personal Injury Lawyers

It happened a few years ago when my sister worked at a supermarket when she slipped and fall off the ladder. She was inside the grocery store which by law, if the accident occurred at work, then the employer is liable for damages. At the accident, she hurts her ankle so badly that she was unable to work for more than three weeks; she’s on scratches as well and by weekly she’s on ankle and foot therapy.

Good thing, her employer and medical insurance covered all the costs which somehow the accidents settlement was good for her end. She also got paid on the days she hasn’t been working and as well as paid her medical fees which was absolutely what she needed on these tough economy.

What if other employers are negligent? No solicitude? Well, if these happened to you and never heard of anything from your employer? Or on the place where you got an accident? Then it’s time to act. Call an injury attorney to help you in every step of the way. If you are worried about the hidden fees, recovery fees and other expenses, well, I know who to contact to. Boone And Davis has been practicing law and had been helping victims of injuries for over 30 years now.

 So, if you need or know someone who needs an injury consultation, then get your free quote now. It’s not too late yet, you still have chance to get the justice you deserve and the settlement you need.