Wednesday, January 02, 2013

New Year 2013 Celebration

How’s your new year’s day? Ours were good. My husband and I were invited to a wedding on a new year’s day. Good thing my sister in law found us a baby sitter to watched our kids for a whole nine hours. This is the first time actually, my husband and I were had a chance to get out and enjoy each other’s company for once in a while. So, it was definitely the best New Year for us. Last year was awful; he was not even with us on New Year’s Day. He was deployed and now so good we had a chance to be together, finally.

Well, the wedding was good. It was a wedding of my husband’s cousin. The bride were actually my husband’s relative, so it was a family wedding celebration as well as a time of year where everybody was excited as well as the new year approaches.

When the clock hit 12 am, we smooched and after 30 minutes, then we decided to head home. It’s time to go back to the reality of being a mom and a dad. It was fun though, we had so much blast at the party, talking, laughing, dancing and drinking. The memorable event ever! Also, the newly Wed's giveaway was cute too, a picture of us. You can take a pose for our about four times, then you will get a copy  of it.  The smartest idea for a wedding giveaway.