Sunday, January 20, 2013

Organizing Home for the Best

Last month, I just started cleaning out our basement storage area because whenever I need to look for something, I just couldn’t find it due to the bunch of stuff that somehow elevating the entire storage area and some of the things were in there, were blocking out the other stuff. So I told my husband about it and that I’m going to sort out all the things in the basement and organize it. He agreed and actually helped me out. We have lots of empty boxes being thrown away on that day. Then, we also get rid some of the things we no longer need. We also donated some stuff which I think is what we need to do to just eliminate stuff that we never actually use. Then, after a while, our storage basement looked organized and neat-food. But, after a few days, I noticed some small clutter, so I thought we definitely need a cabinet.

So, I went online and I found this nice and durable metal cabinets at different colors. I love the gray one which I think would be the best option when it comes to basement storage cabinet. It has drawers in it which I think would be useful to put little stuff in it and also it has an option for an extension. Well, I told my husband about it and he somewhat agreed about my idea, yet also maybe thinking of saving money for it as well which we need to prioritize before buying stuff.