Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Better Foundation for your Building

It was about two years ago when the winter season here in Michigan came down below negative zero Fahrenheit which took placed every weekend. It was indeed a very cold winter season, compare to this year. No wonder why that sometimes due to this type of winter season can incline the stability of the walls of the house, due to the condensation and severe coldness. Therefore, I assumed that it could be the reason why our living room corner wall started to downgrade. I think it was last year when I started to notice that the dry wall begun to split up open. So, we contacted our landlord and they check it out.

They told us that it could be the insulation which needed to be revamping in order to break off the crack. I don’t really know what they’re supposed to do but my husband said that even though he will apply another coat of dry wall, still it would strip. I thought we might need to contact an expert in regards with ICF, an insulated concrete forms which is a direct method of buildings these days to bring out the concrete wall at its best with built-in thermal, acoustical (idea of sound controlling) and fire protection of the house. These are great application for residential, commercial, agricultural, institutional, industrial and more.

Therefore, if you need to redo your home, your business establishment at its best, then consider ICF to be the best option to bring the best of your house value and stability. If we have the means to do makeover, I would definitely consider ICF in standard and thermal forms. To learn more about ICF and overview about it, just visit today! And decide which ICF forms you might want to consider for your home.