Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Spring Break Family Getaway

Have you ever tired of waiting for summer? If so then you might want to take a trip to experience the best Golf Clubs in NC. I never been to North Carolina, yet, I had a chance to take a peek of the place when we had a road trip all the way to Florida. North Carolina is the best place of where you can experience the simply and perfect life that you and your family would dreamed of. If I will be given an opportunity to enjoy life at its best, to have more fun, to feel like I’m at home, I would definitely visit North Carolina at its best for dining, golfing, tennis, and so much more.

 I heard about good attractions of Cullasaja Country when it comes to hotel inn and best attractions such as Cullasaja Waterfalls. I have never seen a waterfall in my life yet so to discover this natural attraction would be the best experience that I would never forget. They also have an area for shopping and dining which my family would love to explore as well. I always love little town, it’s just the best place to discover amazing things with great experiences. I also love to try their food which you can experience in an outdoor ambiance such as the patio, at the pavilion, at the terrace area of the restaurant which makes the dining experience more exciting and fun.

Well, spring break is fast approaching, hubby and I was thinking of where to go to spend our spring break. I thought North Carolina may be the best destination for the whole family. And with the kids club, I think we’ve found an amazing place to experience the best family getaway.