Friday, February 15, 2013

The Best Keratin Treatment Available!

About two years ago, my hair looks good, however, I suffered with crisp hair but my hair was manageable somehow. Until I decided to go for a hair straightening which in such a way, makes my hair damaged due to the chemicals they used. Although, it turned out nice and straight but after a couple of months, my hair somehow turned kinky again and just makes it worst. So, I decided to just use flat styling iron to do my hair styling. This can be damaging as well, especially when you don’t use any serum or hair protecting cream/spray which I have to do most of the time I do my hair.

Yet, when I had a cesarean section and through pregnancy, my hair was just like a nightmare. After giving birth, my hair was falling out of my scalp tremendously. Good thing, I had them back! Somehow, they’re just kinky as ever! So, I decided to go with keratin treatment which I heard would replenish my hair at its best. I had a chance to try keratin shampoo and conditioner, hair mask and serum, and indeed they worked out for me! I can see changes and how my hair feels so soft and shiny.

No wonder with this revolutionary hair straightening system with Keratin Treatment, I’m sure this would work out best without leaving any damage to any types of hair. I’m really fond of hair straightening technique because of its less work of straightening my hair every day. It’s very convenient too during busy days as being a mom, I always do! And so, with hair straightening, I could have a ready to go hair style without worries.

But, we all know not all hair straightening system is safe and favorable, but with this great news about keratin, I heard something good coming on my way! It’s 100% free from Formaldehyde and it’s gentle to use, even at home and affordable! What more could I ask for? But to give me more of it!



Deli said...

I haven't had the chance to use any Keratin treatment before. Will see if it could also work for my hair.

Jessica Cassidy said...

Momi Joy am glad that Keratin save your hair or any hair loss :-) I have heard that it is a powerful ingredient to make our hair beauitful again :-)

jheylo said...

i recently tried hair care products that has keratin in ingredients and I think i like it because i love the results of my hair after using it