Friday, March 08, 2013

Jobs at the Sunshine State

Every time hubby and I were in the midst of doing our errands, the coldness of winter always strikes us to think about moving out of state. It’s been so cold and indeed blown us away. Its fun at first but as the years went by, I felt so tired about it and indeed it is very depressing. You can’t do anything about it unless you move out of the state or just stay at home and get cozy in front of the TV. If only could my husband find a job in Florida, maybe it will be easier for us to move down there and settle down? Yet, this is the only thing that really hinders us to do so. He’s been applying for jobs there and actually had been visiting online websites as well and even staffing agencies in jacksonville fl just to get a job that might brought us to the sunshine state, yet until now we didn’t hear anything from them yet, specifically on the career that my husband were looking for.

Although, no news yet, but nothing has changed based on our decision to move out, we were just waiting for the sign and a big break that we were hoping for. I’m still optimistic about moving out of the cold state someday. I really wanted to. I miss my hometown which I wish I could able to come back and enjoy it once again by moving to Florida which the weathers are alike.

 Now, I’m crossing my fingers here, hoping for the best. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------