Thursday, April 18, 2013

Witnessing Road Vehicle Accidents

Last Tuesday, April 16, my son and I went to his Behavioral Therapy and after his therapy session was done, I decided to stop by at Target just to get some few things we need at home. So, when we were on our way and almost in Target store, I noticed an unusual heavy traffic. I also find police cars everywhere and one police car's passenger door area were all crashed and it was parking right at the nearby gas station. I thought there must be a police chase a few minutes ago. I said minutes because everything seemed to just occurred. Yet, I decided to just merged into the traffic just to get to the Target store.

 As I drove along, I noticed three lanes were just being closed by firemen and at the same time, makes me wondered why there are firetrucks and firemen around. Yet, I have to focus driving just to get over and somehow I managed to be on the lane where it's not being closed. As I passed along, I saw two cars, all were totally damaged. Ambulance were there too and I bet it was a huge accidents involving two or more vehicles. As I continuously driving heading to a right turn, I saw another car and it was on fire and at the same time, the firemen just pull out a water hose to stop the fire. Good thing it didn't explode or anything. It was scary and I hope there's no driver or any passenger inside the car, too. I was so surprised since I haven't seen such huge accidents in my life. That was my first time since I started driving here in US.

So, when I got home, I turned on the TV to see if it's on the news. I wanted to know what happened. But none. I didn't find any news about it. Even local papers, none. Maybe because there's no media there when the incident occurred.

After all, it reminds me of another car accident whereas the car about two cars ahead of us, suddenly started swiveling all over the road. The road was slippery at that time because of the cold and drizzling rain. Yet, the driver managed to stop the car and parked along the side of the express way.

Good thing, we didn't get into an accident when that car was out of control. I don't know what would I do. Well, good thing hubby was driving at that time. I don't know if I could able to manage my wheels if I were about to meet an accident like that. I hope not. God forbid. It scares me already just to think about it.