Sunday, June 23, 2013


A few days ago, I was chatting with a friend on Facebook which we tackled about things we used to do before we all got our own family and kids. We used to go on a road trip a lot which we eventually enjoyed so much. I remember when we went to a province which I've never been to. The place was awesome, it has nice beaches and just totally surrounded by mountains. I also remembered when we were all got bored at some point, then we decided to just sing acoustically using a guitar.

Good thing, I knew how to play a little guitar because  then we had find ways on how to entertained ourselves in a remote area. I also noticed  that I have a talent too when I strum the string, I have this beat which adds more to the just the sound of the guitar. One person actually told me that I am really good at it which I never really pay attention to. I never thought about it either. Until now, I thought I'm maybe like a pigtronix at musicians friend, it's a guitar effect pedal that brings out the best of what guitar can offer. It may sound so crazy, but I think that's what I have and loved to do. I don't know how to strum the guitar string though in slow mode. I usually just strummed it by beat and like it faster too. Well, it may be too overwhelming to compare myself a as a guitar effect pedal, but I could consider myself to be good at playing guitar someday. I just need more practice, I guess.

Well, after a friend of mine conversation was over. I thought of those old times we had and how I really missed being with them too. It's like the best time of my life, for once and for all. Sometimes, we have to accept the things that life has to make it changes. And continue life as the way it should be.