Thursday, July 25, 2013

Vinyl Records Turntable

Last weekend during an estate sale of my late mother in law's stuff, I noticed that she has some old vinyl records collection from various artists. I was so surprised and thought who would buy these vinyl records and then I thought about the pro-ject debut carbon at musicians friend which I also find very unusual. I never thought that it was still manufactured. Then, all of a sudden I thought of buying one or get all those vinyl records she has up for sale online. Then, it could cost more. Since now I have found out that turntable will still be in the business.

Well, I wish I have a turntable though or else I would love to keep my mother in law's vinyl record collections but I couldn't afford it right now. She used to have a vinyl player as well but it got broken somehow and it was huge. This great turntables would be the best alternative.