Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Learn to speak Portuguese so you can find all the best food and surfing spots

It’s a funny thing when you officially become a surfer for life. I don’t know when that is but if I had to guess it would be determined by how many minutes you spend online looking at pictures or video of amazing A-frame point breaks in South American countries. I myself have taken a dozen trips to both Central and South America to get my fix twice per year. Any more than twice per year and I think my fiancĂ© would string me up, both for the money that I spend but also for the time spent away from work and “responsibility”.

 I have visited almost all of the countries that I want down there. I’ve officially marked off all of the spots in Central America and most of them in South America. Yes of course I want to return back down to many of the spots for a second go round, but I feel like I have one last country to surf up before I begin making the rounds to favorite spots again. And the one elusive spot is the country of Brazil.

Now mind you my Spanish is not great, it just isn’t but like it or not I am able to get around relatively well in Spanish speaking countries. I can order food like chicken, shrimp, rice, beans, water and most importantly, beer. But as far as my Portuguese goes it is virtually nonexistent. I can’t speak a word of it. So in a nutshell I need to learn to speak Portuguese and I need to learn it fast. Just between the food and the waves down there I’m sure I’ll figure it out sooner than later.



kimmy said...

hmmm... Portuguese is a bit similar to Spanish, right? well, I'm a Filipino so it would really be not that hard, i guess? lol!