Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Agents on the Go?

If you are an agent or a realtor, you may need something that would multitask for you. When smart phones became famous due to its extraordinary features of multitasking, no wonder why, that a lot of web developer also introduces their unique ideas to bring out the best of what smart phones can bring. Like this new application where a realtor can able to manage his realtor checklists to easily manage your own real estates and to check what is needed to be done in a regular basis.

This is most reliable especially when you are a realtor agent who travels a lot as well. Then, you can manage your properties right at your phone. GoConnect is an app of where you can able to post a new listing, to see a list of your property that has been sold, a buyer contract and closing posts, an appointment and so much more.

So, check this app now and enjoy what you used to do while having everything manageable in your hands for good!